I'm the Las Vegas Waiter, (Who couldn't read in the 2nd grade), who fell into Online Business. I Discovered what works really well (And NOT So Well), sharing Everything that YOU can use to Start, Build and Grow Your Business.

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Stuck In The "Employee Trap?"

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testimonial_james_malinchak"Martin shows his coaching members how to laser focus, how to prioritize and how to plan, so they have a blueprint for making more and having more time off to enjoy life… by arranging all the aspects of their life and their business in an effective manner."

James Malinchak

testimonial_ryan_deiss"Martin wasnt just a Waiter in his past life he was a master on marketing in the making"

Ryan Diess

testimonial_t_harv_ekerMartin made the commitment to escape the employee trap forever' and he succeeded. With Waiternomics, Martin shows you exactly how you can too"

T. Harv Eker

testimonial_dan_kennedyMartin has built and crossed the bridge to entrepreneurship. He throughly understands what it takes to create financial independence"

Dan Kennedy

testimonial_brian_tracy"Martin will act as your mentor and take you through each step of your journey, Whether you're an employee dreaming of owning your own business or whether you want to learn more about how to market and grow your current business"

Brian Tracy

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