What is Waiternomics?

A Simple Mindset and Philosophy which reveals the fact that it's a lot easier than you think to "break-free" from your job… even if you don't think you can do anything else… so you can finally start having "a life", while making more than you do now, and working just a fraction of the hours you do now.

At the job you go to everyday. Where it's the same thing every day.

Who is Martin Fischer?

In my past life, I was a "lifer" waiter, at one of top-tier restaurants on the Las Vegas strip. Doing the same thing every day. Working the same hours every day. No matter what I wanted to do that day, I was on my way back to the restaurant for another shift.

I knew this was no life to live. Because deep down, I wanted to live my life on my terms. Even though most employees (and managers) in the restaurant business feel stuck in their situation, not knowing exactly how they can escape the trap of working for someone else their whole lives… I knew there had to be a way out.

The Problem With Working For Someone Else

Working for someone else just does not support your goals in life. Working at your "job" supports the goals and interests of the business owner. And the owner's best interest is not in your best interest. If you want to live life on your own terms. And have the personal freedom to work when you want, and not work when you don't.

How To Quit Your Job Easily, Without Sacrificing Income and Stability

When I was deep in the restaurant business in Las Vegas, I knew I had to find a way to escape the Employee Trap.

After weeks and months thinking about how I could do this, it hit me.

Every day before I went in for my 3:30pm to 11:30pm shift, I did pretty much nothing. I just sat around, watched TV, and maybe played some video games. But by the time I went to my "job", I had really not accomplished anything with my day.

Why Job Security Does Not Exist In Today’s World

There are so many variables in the economy today, that even if you think you've got "job security" and a steady income… you really don't. Because it could all go away in the blink of an eye.
It happens every day. Someone who is only months away from retirement, looking forward to a pension and the easy life, gets fired for some "manufactured" reason.

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