Celebrate Your Wins

An important part of setting yourself up to Escape the Employee Trap is doing. As you start and build your home business “on the side” [...]

Boundaries Are For Sports And Countries, Not YOU

When you think about the life you really want to live, what do you see? A shiny new car, or a used car someone else [...]

Baby Steps Will Set You Free

The biggest problem most people have with setting themselves up to escape The Employee Trap is getting started. It's easy to come up with all [...]

Your Mental Stop Sign

Do you know the biggest problem holding back deserving people from Escaping the Employee Trap, and living the lives they want to live? It's not [...]

When Someone Tells You…You CAN’T Do It (What To Do…)

Ever shared your dreams and aspirations with a family member or "friend"... only to have them say "You'll never be a...." or "You can't do [...]

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