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martin-fischerMartin .J. Fischer is a serial Entrepreneur and former workaholic, who founded “Waiternomics” on November 19, 2010.

The concept came to him after years and years of working as a Gourmet Waiter on the Las Vegas Strip. Martin held many positions in the restaurant and casino industry. Going from a dishwasher on the graveyard shift, to kitchen runner, to busboy… then ultimately to Gourmet Waiter at one of the most respected, prestigious restaurants in the world. Martin was integral in the restaurant’s profitability, with sales reaching the $6 Million a year mark. The restaurant garnered nearly every award and accolade… including Five Star, Five Diamond, 1 Michelin Star… and was THE place to be (and be seen) for the “Who’s Who” of Hollywood, including rock stars, rappers, top athletes and politicians.

Never forgetting his early days as a dishwasher, Martin saved nearly every penny he earned. And through a natural progression he started to invest in real estate. He purchased one property, then another, and kept buying property after property… all while working as a waiter. However, Real Estate Investing and working as a Waiter did not come without a cost. Martin worked tirelessly from the early mornings (roughly 7am-3pm) honing his real estate craft and holdings. Then ran off to his nightly Waiter job from 3:30 pm to 1am. He was making a handsome living with his Waiter position and his investments. But Martin knew deep down that this would take a toll on his health and his life. He realized quickly, there must be an easier way to get wealthy. He knew he couldn’t keep up this pace without risk. And that all the long hours were actually counterproductive to his long-term success. That’s when Martin started to investigate Internet Marketing… with the #1 goal being to lighten his workload and reduce the 90-100+ hours a week he was working. Then as fate would have it, Serendipity! He purchased his first Internet Marketing course and the rest is history. He immersed himself in the course which he finished in record time. Because he knew he was on to something special.

“This is the way to wealth, without working yourself to death” thought Martin. Internet Marketing Meets The “Lifer” Waiter Martin brought something new and unique to the Internet Marketing community, which he learned working in a Five Star/Five Diamond restaurant. The concept that service to his customers, clients and students must be impeccable. That it’s always about them and the value he provides them. That it’s about the Customer, not the Product. The fact that you will never win catering to the majority. And to always under promise and over deliver.

Applying the skills he developed as an Entrepreneur, with his vast real estate knowledge and investing experience… with his knowledge of every aspect of high-level service… along with being a life-long student of marketing (including learning from some of the biggest names in the business)… Fischer found that he was able to rapidly help other people (who wanted a way out of the “Employee Trap” – but didn’t know how to escape) to become better organized, start self-educating themselves, set ambitious goals, and get started as a “Part-Time Entrepreneur (while keeping the income and security of their jobs)… so they could start their life. Giving them the chance to attain the same level of freedom Martin had, while making more than they made at their “job”, and working a fraction of the hours.

Working as an Internet Marketer, Speaker and Consultant to other Internet Marketers has enabled Martin J. Fischer to share his unique, successful marketing strategies with his “brothers and sisters” who also want to Escape the “Employee Trap”, who want more out of life. And are ready to make it happen for themselves. Martin J. Fischer is a highly intelligent, skilled, self-developed entrepreneur. He employs a small highly efficient staff and meticulously outsources a great portion of the work that drives the “Waiternomics” engine…. Martin has developed a personal friendship with business development legend Brian Tracy, spending a considerable amount of time with Mr. Tracy in San Diego, learning the arts of goal setting and achieving, public speaking and marketing. Martin enjoys the good life “by design”, living in a golf-course community in Sunny Las Vegas. As he shares the keys to living the good life (and reaping the fruits of becoming a Part-Time Entrepreneur) with aspiring business owners… and people who feel like they are “stuck” in the “Employee Trap”. To help them start down the road to making their own profits, and living life on their terms.

Yes Martin…I want to know How You The Restaurant Business, So I Can Escape My Job,TOO! Send me your FREE special report…

Waiternomics: How Any Hard Working Person Who Wants MORE Out Of Life Can Escape “The Employee Trap” For Good…

testimonial_brian_tracy“Martin will act as your mentor and take you through each step of your journey, Whether you’re an employee dreaming of owning your own business or whether you want to learn more about how to market and grow your current business”

Brian Tracy

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