Are You Focusing On The Positives Or The Negatives?

Have you ever heard the phrase… “You are what you eat” back from when you were a child?

Then as you became an adult, seeing people who were in shape and healthy, and those who were not… you realized that there was a lot to that phrase. That in fact, it is true.

That you can make a choice to be healthy or not, by the kind of foods, and the exercise habits you embraced on a daily basis.

Well I’m here today to let you know that not only is “You are what you eat” true, and you see the proof every day…

That “You are what you think about” is also true. What you choose to think about is up to you. And all the people who ever became successful, even in the face of big negatives and obstacles, are the proof that this is also true.

Now, this goes way past what old-school self help gurus used to call “positive thinking.”

I’m talking about how you look at life every day. And more importantly, what you decide to focus your thoughts on every day. What you choose to think about.

People who constantly think about the bad things in their lives, continue to have bad things happen to them. An example would be all of the people who live in a ghetto, and never escape.

And people who choose to think of the good things in their lives, and what they are grateful for, no matter what bad things may come their way, are the ones who enjoy life. And have good things come their way. An example would be all of the people who were born living in a ghetto, with no special advantages, who went on to be wildly successful and happy.

Can you see the connection between “You are what you eat”… and “You are what you think about”?

It’s all about what you focus on, that drives the direction of your life.

If a professional sports player always thought of losing, how do you think that player would perform? Not very well. That’s why top athletes learn early on, when you make a mistake, shake it off. Leave it behind immediately. And focus on moving forward, not backward. Focus on doing your best, not your mistakes. Learn from them and move on.

So instead of complaining about your current situation, something you really don’t like… and constantly feeling frustrated and stressed out about it…

Try turning the tables on your problems. Think about what you could do to make that problem go away. What action could you take, however small, that would move you in a forward direction?

The fact that you take action to make something you don’t like better… is the key to getting what you want. Not sitting there and complaining about what you don’t like. And focusing on the negative.

So try this simple exercise today, and try it for at least a few days…

When you catch yourself complaining about your job, or something you don’t like, take a minute and step back.

And think about what you could do to change the situation you don’t like. Even something small at first, that leads you in a forward direction.

Then while you have that thought of how you can fix this, remind yourself of all the good things in your life, that you may not think about often.

This exercise leverages three powerful forces of nature, Thought and Desire for Something Better, Action, and Gratitude.

Embrace this exercise and practice it often, and you will notice how much more you focus on the positive in your daily life, than on the negative.

And soon, you’ll see that more good things happen in your life. And soon after that, even more.

And whenever a “nay-sayer” hears of your positive intentions, and says “You can’t do (whatever it is you want to do)”… grab a picture of what they said you can’t do and fix it in your mind. That person just helped you move forward to getting what you want, by giving you a specific visual picture to focus on.

We’ll talk about visual pictures more in a future post. Just know, if you’re not clear enough about what you want, so you can actually picture it in your mind, your chances of attaining it are slim.

For now, practice focusing on the positive, and NOT focusing on the negative.

Have any thoughts about today’s blog post? And the concept of focusing on the positive, instead of the negative?

I’d love to read your comments, and your experience with this subject. So tell me what you think below.

Until next time…


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