Are You Jealous Of On-Line Marketers?

Well, Don’t Be…..And Here’s Why….

There was a point in my life where I was so frustrated with the amount of emails that I would get from Marketers that I just erased everything! I literally deleted my Entire Inbox…

Yes, I took total Control which equaled “Liberation”

Do you get multiple emails daily promising the next big thing?

Are you on Multiple Lists? Do You Follow Multiple Guru’s at the same time..?

Who Promise…?

The Next Facebook, the next tactic or strategy that “You” must be using or else you won’t be successful?

Or better yet, The Fear Factor, that If you don’t take some sort of action Right Now…Buy either clicking, opting in or signing up for the Webinar that you will somehow lose out! Or The Sky Will Fall…Then The Very Next Day They Send You a Link To The Webinar…..

In case you Missed it…..

By No means am I trying to Bash because I consider myself a Marketer….Who Markets On-Line..

But, I am also a Consumer First and Foremost….Who Places High Value on Reputation and Trust Based Marketing….

I am writing this Blog Post to dispel some “Myths”….Most of the People Marketing Online Today… talk a great talk but Do Not Walk The Walk….

And That’s Ok….If That’s What Their All About…But What I am Talking About Is Being Real….What Most of the So-Called Marketers Won’t Tell you…Is that Before there They Had Great Success They More than Likely Had Failures….

NoBODY starts out on Top....Give Yourself Time and If you Have a Set Back Its an Opportunity To Learn and Grow.

NoBODY starts out on Top….Give Yourself Time and If you Have a Set Back Its an Opportunity To Learn and Grow.

As We Say Here in Las Vegas, A Gambler will only Tell When He is UP and what he Has Won….But He Fails To Admit Or Share What He Has Lost ( Casino’s aren’t Built ON WINNERS-ask Steve Wynn..)

The Same Holds True with Marketing On-Line, I consider myself fairly smart, but I confess…..

I wasted Nearly $80,000 over a 3 Year Period where I bought courses, paid for advice and attended events that didn’t justify the cost of the $80,000 dollar Investment…..

The Best Investment You will ever make in your life is in “YOURSELF”!

So, If at any time you are starting to get frustrated that you are not having the same success as someone else…Stop & Take a Breath!

Remember, They are not telling you the entire story… Nor…All the Time that It took them to create their success…They are only telling you the Upside of the story not the downside or the Beginning…..

Now, I am not saying that success and all that follows cannot come fast…Because it certainly can….If you Decide to Really Go For It!!!

Like Your Pulling The Baby Out of the Burning Building….

There is no Need to ever be Jealous or Compare Yourself To Someone else….Remember You are Unique and You Have a Unique Story To Tell…The World Is Just Waiting To Hear It…….

Until Next Time….

Profits Are Better Than Wages…




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