Are You Making What You’re Really Worth?

If you’re stuck settling for what your job pays you now, and you KNOW you’re worth much more than that… you’re not alone.

One of the biggest reasons for people being unhappy at their just-over-broke JOBs, is not being paid what they feel they are worth. making money21

Since the big crash, employers reset the bar related to the pay scale they give their people. Today, it’s rare to be in a situation where you can actually get a raise for doing your job well.

In most situations, people are having to settle for the “new normal”… which is only about 70% of what you’d expect to make.

And the days of making more, because you’ve been with an employer for a long time, are already gone.

So what can you do when facing this disappointing reality?

First, know that you deserve to earn what you’re really worth. And if you’re not getting that from the job or career you have now, you just don’t have to sit there and take it.

You have choices. You can stay where you are now in life, with the same job or career you have, that you know isn’t paying you what you’re really worth…

Or you can stand up for your rights, and start setting yourself up to Escape the Employee Trap… today.

So you can start living life on your terms, not someone else’s, and finally start earning what you know you’re worth.

When you become a Part-Time Entrepreneur, (while you’re still working at your JOB), you could be making twice what you make now at your job. In addition to having the security of the check you get from your job.

And when you graduate to Full-Time Entrepreneur, and Escape the Employee Trap when you say “goodbye!” to your JOB once and for all…

You could be making 4 to 5 TIMES what you are making now, or more. And if you think that could never be possible for you, understand that many people before you have achieved way more than this.

And I know you have it in you to achieve great things, too.

All it takes to make it happen, is for you to read more of my advice here on the Waiternomics Blog, and start applying the Waiternomics Formula this week.

It’s as simple as getting clear on the life you really want to live… and the things you absolutely do not want in your life anymore (like the JOB you go to every day).

You need to sit down and do some thinking, so you can define your intentions in a clear, simple way. Then focus on those intentions as you create your strategy for making it happen.

Your plan for moving from where you are now, to where you want to be in life. Your plan for designing and creating the life you really want to live.

Once you have your plan of action, then it’s time to get serious. Time to take serious action to make your vision and Ideal Life a reality.

You know what happens when you do this successfully? You put yourself in a position to earn what you’re really worth. Doing what you like to do every day, from anywhere that has an internet connection.

You start from where you are now, to becoming a Part-Time Entrepreneur while you still have your job. Creating a home business “on the side” that fits who you are and what you like to do.

Then building that business to the point where you can graduate from Part-Time Entrepreneur to a real, independent Full-Time Entrepreneur. Where YOU are the boss.

Enabling you to multiply the money you earn now by many times.

All while building a business you can sell someday, bringing you a big cash windfall. That enables you to retire, travel, or start the next business adventure in your life.

Think about all of this today, if you know you’re not making what you’re really worth at your JOB.

Your thoughts are the seeds to you living a better life.

Until next time…


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