Your Mental Stop Sign

Do you know the biggest problem holding back deserving people from Escaping the Employee Trap, and living the lives they want to live? It's not [...]

When Someone Tells You…You CAN’T Do It (What To Do…)

Ever shared your dreams and aspirations with a family member or "friend"... only to have them say "You'll never be a...." or "You can't do [...]

Celebrating Your Life And Your WINS

You celebrate your birthday. You celebrate your anniversary. Some celebrate their divorces :) You celebrate your child graduating from high school, then from college. You [...]

Where You Are Now Is A Choice

I have some thoughts for you today, that may not sit well with you. In fact, you may not like them at all. But that [...]

How Do You Eat An Elephant?

  So how DO you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Which really means, one step at a time. The same way you [...]

YOU… The Millionaire Next Door

I've shared some of my favorite, and most profitable reading material with you over the last few months. Including "Napoleon Hill Mondays" on Facebook. Today [...]

YOU Achieving Great Things In Life

Have you ever wondered why so many people don't seem to be very happy with their lives? And why some people are really happy? Well, [...]

What Gets You Excited?

Since you're one of our Waiternomics blog readers, I bet you are already excited from the thought of you really Escaping the Employee Trap, and [...]

“Reap What You Sow” Still Works

What do you think about old sayings? Do you pay any attention to them? Well if you've been following my "Napoleon Hill Mondays" on Facebook, [...]

The Lottery Is Killing Your Chances of Success

When you see the advertisements on TV, billboards and almost everywhere else... that the Lottery or the "Power Ball" is up to a grand prize [...]

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