Your Life Working For Yourself From Home

Imagine starting your day casually, with no alarm clock, just getting up when you get up. Which may be 7am if you're an early riser, [...]

What’s YOUR Big Goal In Life?

I was just reading a very interesting article today. About the major triggers scientists see as causes for people who get Alzheimer's disease late in [...]

Live Life Like A Rhino… Or A Cow

You can live your life like a Rhino, or a Cow. It's all up to you. A Rhino is a strong animal. Who has endurance [...]

Quitting With The Finish Line In Sight

Whether you're a fan of auto racing, the Olympics, or any kind of team sports... you would think this is pretty messed up if you [...]

How Hopes and Beliefs Drive Your Life…

Today we're taking a look at your Hopes and your Beliefs. The power they can have in your life, and how they can impact your [...]

Focus On YOU, Never On Others

If you've read my blog post "Don't Worry About What Anyone Thinks", you already know how damaging paying attention to what others think is to [...]

Meet “The Advancing Man”

People come to me again and again, in search of "the secrets" for Escaping the Employee Trap, and creating the life you want to live. [...]

Don’t Worry About What Anyone Thinks

As you start down the road to designing and creating the life you want to live... And making your own way, so you can "Escape [...]

Are You Satisfied With The Life You Are Living

When you get up every day, are you looking forward to the day ahead? Or do you look at it as "just another day"... dreading [...]

Complaining Makes You Lose Ground Every Time

I have a short but extremely important message for you today. That could mean the difference between you creating your ideal life over the next [...]

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