Boundaries Are For Sports And Countries, Not YOU

When you think about the life you really want to live, what do you see? A shiny new car, or a used car someone else has been driving around for the last 5 years?

A nice new house on a golf course or beach, or a small apartment where you can touch your neighbor by taking just 5 steps?

Well there’s a concept that will help you expand the boundaries you may have already set for yourself, without even knowing it.

It’s the concept of Thinking BIG!

Which is the opposite of thinking small. Which is how most people think… SMALL… without even realizing it.

Now I’m not suggesting that you have to have a mansion on the beach, with a Benz in the driveway.  What I’m suggesting is you stretching the limits of what you think is possible for you in your life.

When you force “boundaries” on your life, and your dreams… you short-change yourself in the game of life. This goes way beyond I Can or I Can’t. We’re talking how your brain may be limiting what you can accomplish, for no good reason.

Some people refer to these self-imposed limitations as the “Glass Ceiling.” Since it is very real, though you can’t see it.

Now if you can relate to what I’m talking about, and you think you are guilty of selling yourself short in your dreams, don’t worry.

Most people do this. Again, without even knowing they’re doing it. What’s wonderful is… that life has a way of helping you stretch your limits, easily and painlessly, each time you make a small advance in your life.

You may have experienced this yourself, when you accomplish something you wanted to do. Afterward, when you’re thinking of things you want to accomplish in your life, all of a sudden the “bar” has been raised.  You can now envision yourself accomplishing something much bigger than you just have.

Which you really couldn’t envision before you accomplished something smaller first.

Embracing the idea of Thinking Big really works. Because as you are shooting for a BIG goal, even if you don’t reach that goal, it’s likely that you’ll achieve something pretty close.

And you may not have made that “pretty good” achievement, if you weren’t shooting for the stars.

Ever heard of the Rice Brothers? You may have seen them on some commercials on TV, or read about them. You see, the Rice Brothers… Greg and John… were dealt a very limiting hand as their lives got started.

Being born as twin dwarfs, their parents didn’t think they could handle the responsibility, and their special needs. So they put them up for adoption the day they were born. The Rice Brothers never met their real mother.

But soon after, they were adopted by a loving couple. And life looked like it was on the way up. Until both of the Rich Brothers’ adoptive parents passed away when the twins were in school.

Here they were again, left alone in life to fend for themselves. Which they did, in grand fashion.

The Rice Brothers’ motto was… Think BIG! And they did Think Big. They went on to be very successful in direct sales and real estate.

They also appeared on many TV shows, because of their limiting start in life, and what they had achieved for themselves, even though each stood only two feet, ten inches tall.

Thinking Big for the Rice Brothers was a way of life. And I’m here sharing this with you today in hopes that you will embrace it as a way of life too.

All it takes is posting a posty note on your desk or your computer where you see it every day. Then when you sit down to work on your dreams of Escaping the Employee Trap, and creating the life you REALLY want to live…

You’ll be reminded that the best way to achieve that is to always THINK BIG!

Until next time,

Profits are better than wages,


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