Bringing Value? Helping People? Or Just “Selling Stuff”…


When people think about the idea of starting a home business “on the side”, while they are setting themselves up to Escape the Employee Trap…

Most go in the direction of making a “quick buck.” Thinking about “What can I sell?” or “How do I make a million dollars selling stuff online?”

I just hate to see this. Because starting a business of your own is not only about “selling stuff” and making money. Yes, you will be selling things, and you will be profiting from what you sell. But what you really need to keep in mind is…

How You Can Help Others

Good people do good. That means helping others, helping causes, even helping animals and the environment. If you’re at all familiar with the concept of Karma… you know that you get rewarded for the good you do in the world.

When you approach a home business by thinking first of how you can help others, then strategize how you can earn a good living doing so, you are following the right path.

Win-Win Relationships

It’s all about creating “win-win” relationships. With the people who become your customers… With your prospects who haven’t purchased from you, yet… With marketing and promotional partners who can help you build your business faster.

If you are primarily concerned with, “Is this benefiting the person on the other end?”… rather than thinking “What am I going to gain from this?”… you are following the right path.

Bringing More Value Than What You’re Compensated For

Business is a give-and-take situation, where you are giving your product to your customer, and they are taking it, by purchasing it. But it goes way deeper than that.

Business transactions are really a “value exchange.” Which means you are providing value to your customer with your product or service. And your customer is exchanging the value of money in return for the value you provide.

Legendary marketer, business genius, and my friend Jay Abraham created the famous “Strategy of Preeminence.” Which describes how business deals are all about a value exchange. And for you to be a “stand up” business owner, it’s your job to make sure your customer is getting more in value from their purchase, than the amount of money they have paid you.

If you embrace Jay’s “Strategy of Preeminence” like I have, you will always be a First-Class business owner. Thinking of others, before yourself. I’ve spent time with Jay, even at his home. And he lives the Strategy of Preeminence every day.

Treating Others Like You Would Like To Be Treated

You’ve heard this many times growing up, I’m sure. To be an accepted member of society, you must treat others like you would like to be treated. This concept is very important in business, too.

When you operate from this position of kindness and brotherhood, your life and your business will bring you rewards that far exceed your expectations.

Helping Others While Building Wealth And Freedom

There is absolutely nothing wrong with starting a home business of your own. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with getting rich. As long as you always remember to make it your mission to help people, animals, the environment, or any other worthy cause… and to never make “the money” part of your business out-weigh the “helping others” part.

Helping others includes the benefit they get from your products and services. And it also includes being generous and charitable. You see, the three pillars of the rich, that you will benefit from on your way to becoming wealthy, are…

Working and Earning – Saving – And Giving

When you set yourself up to earn a great living with your home business, you must remember to save a percentage of every dollar you earn. And you must also remember to give a percentage of every dollar you earn to a cause or charity that you believe in. One that you know is doing good.

Follow the advice I’ve shared with you today in your business and your life, and you will be showered with rewards. Plus, you’ll always feel great, because you know you are doing your part to “do good” and help others.

 Until next time…

Profits are better than wages,


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