Las Vegas is on Fire!!! This week is Full of Hype, Self-Aggrandizement, Double and Triple parked private plans, Outrageous & Unheard of Room rates, Over [...]

Your Reputation

I would safely BET You have heard this famous slogan or even Watched a commercial referencing this campaign. Well, let me give you a little [...]

Yes! Your single greatest asset is your own unique story…Because it’s All you and you know it best… Each and every one of us has [...]

Well, Don’t Be…..And Here’s Why…. There was a point in my life where I was so frustrated with the amount of emails that I would [...]

You may be asking yourself what does Martin mean by MSOI’ing along? Well, I ask myself that same exact question every single day of my [...]

As the holiday season is upon us, and many people's thoughts will soon turn to the new year... it's time to take a good hard [...]

What if I told you that other people are in control of the kind of life you live? In control of your happiness and prosperity? [...]

As Thanksgiving approaches, I thought it would be a good time to focus our thoughts for a moment on the true meaning of this holiday. [...]

If you're stuck settling for what your job pays you now, and you KNOW you're worth much more than that... you're not alone. One of [...]

As the holidays are quickly coming up, so is a new year. Which means it's time to ask yourself a few very important questions. Have [...]

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