Celebrate Your Wins


An important part of setting yourself up to Escape the Employee Trap is doing. As you start and build your home business “on the side” that will be your vehicle to freedom.

One mistake many make is not doing to little, but doing a lot, and not taking the time to acknowledge the goals or accomplishments they attain.

Since living the life you want to live means you’re having fun… your home business “on the side” should be fun. And what better way to have fun as you are building your vehicle for living life on your terms, than to celebrate your wins!

No matter how large or small, make it a point to do something to officially celebrate your accomplishments in life. Especially those that will lead you to becoming your own boss, and living life on your terms.

Look, you’ve made the decision to do something positive in your life. Then you did some serious thinking about how you can make it happen, and what steps you need to take. Then you focused, got clear on what you needed to do, took the necessary steps, and DID IT!

Celebrating your wins not only officially acknowledges your achievement… it makes a statement that says…

“I successfully set up a process to do something important, I worked through that process, and achieved the desired end results. Now I can use this process to achieve those results whenever I want to. Plus, I can set up a process to accomplish anything else I want to achieve, then follow that process and actually do it, and set up myself to live the life I want to live!”

Now this is no small achievement. The fact that you can put the pieces of the puzzle in place, and create something out of nothing, is the definition of what it means to be a real entrepreneur!

It’s alright to be proud of what you’ve done. In fact, it’s essential to acknowledge that you DID make a significant achievement.

Because this excitement is what will drive you from being where you are now… still working at your JOB every day, while building your home business “on the side”… to becoming a “Part-Time Entrepreneur” while you’re still working at your JOB… to replacing the income you make now with your home business, and leaving the “go to work” world for good, as you become a Full-Time Entrepreneur!

If you are actively involved in this process now, you absolutely should be excited about what you’re doing. Since only a small portion of the population ever gets enough motivation, and the drive to take action on getting what they want out of life.

And the best way I know of to get excited, and stay excited about what you do every day, is to make it a point to celebrate your wins.

Then as you notice you’re doing a lot of celebrating on a regular basis, you can be sure you are on the right track. And that making your Ideal Life a reality is in your future. And when you’re always celebrating your wins, it makes it easy to keep pushing down the track you’re on, so you are able to follow your dreams to the end. When your dream life becomes reality.

And that’s what I want most for you. That’s why I created Waiternomics in the first place. And when you follow the road map I provide, all you have to do is connect the dots, celebrate your wins along the way, and keep going until you are living the life you want to live.

I want you to think for a minute… Have you already made some accomplishments toward setting yourself up to live the life you want to live? They can be something you did last week, or even last month. If you have, give yourself permission to do something enjoyable today, and celebrate the wins you’ve already made! You’ll feel great. And you’ll be giving yourself extra “juice” to keep your momentum rolling.

Try it today. You’ll wish you had started celebrating your wins sooner. Have fun!

Until next time…

Profits are better than wages,


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