Discover The Fortune That Lies Hidden In Your Story

Yes! Your single greatest asset is your own unique story…Because it’s All you and you know it best…

Each and every one of us has such a unique back story that encompasses many… and I stress…. Many…different highs, lows, successes, failures, embarrassments and defining moments.

The funny thing is that nearly all of us started out somewhat the same. With no money and “No” special privileges, our parents were not rich, we don’t have trust funds… nor do we have access to endless amounts of money.

And more than likely we have the “Debt” to prove it..

Your Million Dollar Story

Do You Have A Unique Story To Tell?









But we do have our own unique stories to tell, I, for example have failed more times than I would like to admit. I have lost money in investing, I’ve bought high and sold low (impatience combined with immaturity), I lost hundreds of thousands in real estate and I spent a ton of money on courses than I never took advantage of nor even opened.

And, at one point many years ago I lost $5,000 playing roulette and “21” at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino… believe me I know what it means to feel embarrassed, foolish, stupid…shall I go on…??

But that’s all part of my story of growing up and living in Las Vegas for the last 35 plus years..

Ironically, through a ton of failure along with my own personal Ups & Downs along with one crazy night in the restaurant business where I was tipped $23,000..

I started this Blog and my very Own Podcast called Waiternomics & The Employee Trap Escape Plan- check out the $23,000 Tip Story….It was the most exciting night in Las Vegas that I ever Experienced….Hands Down!!!

On the Flipside, I will take it one step further and share a little more about my inner mindset…

If you said to me “Martin, You can have all the money back that you have lost over the years….

Either through foolish investing, bad timing, immaturity, chasing the next shiny object…

Following the next guru, gambling, being complacent and being downright DUMB, which more than likely cost me close to $1,500,000.00 … Yes……One and a Half Million Dollars….

I would politely say “No Thank you”; I will Gladly keep my life experiences over the $1,500,000.00 because the experiences will be ten times greater than the million and a half dollars! Futhermore…

If I didn’t make all those bad decisions which really turned out to be great expensive life lessons I wouldn’t be who I am today…

Nor would I be in this position to honestly share my story with you…

Now, occasionally I think back and say, darn, I lost some serious money that could have been used in sooooo many other ways…

But then I quickly switch hats, get myself grounded and remind myself that everyone including myself has made bad decisions over the years…….So, advice from me don’t beat yourself up…and give yourself permission to grow from failure.

It’s OK to share all parts of your story because it’s the TRUTH and it’s what makes you unique. Just think for a minute of someone who you follow online or offline…

Has He or She had their challenges over the years? Did they start out with all this great success? Did they lose money along the way? Did they have a few Setbacks? Or even major failure?

Think of Suze Orman the financial Guru, advisor, author, and Mega-Successful Television Host…. she started out as a Waitress, borrowed $52,000 from a friend with aspirations to open here own restaurant, Then went on to work for Merrill Lynch….and then eventually at Hit show on Television……..even though she had MAJOR challenges along the way..

Or think Sylvester Stallone before the Rocky series, 1, 2, 3 or the Rambo movies and so on he was eating out of garbage cans at one point.

And he was so broke that he actually had to sell his dog because he couldn’t afford to feed it..( Check out the whole story )

You see I would safely bet most successful people have had major setbacks and failures along the way…..You just don’t know about it….nor is it publicized….

The Majority of the time the so called “Over Night Success” is 25 Years in the making…

The big takeaway is their ability to share their stories….

One of my favorite personal mentors over the years is Dan Kennedy, you may or may not know who he is…but in a nutshell he is one of the greatest copy writers, Speakers, trainers, marketers and Consultants in the Direct Response arena….

And he has been one of the Top Copy- Writers for the ultra-successful Guthy-Renker Company…who produces Proactiv –Americas number one acne system, which you probably watched on late night TV…( who also gave Anthony Robbins his start)

I mention Dan Kennedy for multiple reasons, for his great success but also all his short comings.

He openly admits being bankrupt, having struggles with Alcoholism, having two failed marriages, stubbornly not using technology on a personal level, not using email, and not having a cell phone.

But he used the power of his back story even though mostly negative to create a life for himself that most people would find not believable and unrealistic- Especially in today’s modern world not using or even having a cell phone…

And still running a Multi-Million Dollar company of his own that he has managed to sell twice….

Now it doesn’t matter if you’re a Banker, Baker, Waiter or Candle Stick Maker, you have a unique story to tell and if “You” to choose to craft your story wisely …

It could be worth a lot of money to you (when Shared…) and equally as important …It could be the Inspiration and Motivation to someone that you have never met….”Yet”….that goes on to create the next big thing…

So, remember, You have a unique story to tell, just like the so-called celebrities, we see on the cover of magazines while waiting to check out at Walmart.

Take Massive Action Today- start your blog…share your thoughts, and let the world know what you have inside of you…because it’s a lot more valuable than you probably think…..

Take it from a person who spent the majority of his adult life as a career Waiter and who couldn’t read in the 2nd Grade……

Until Next time,

Fischer is out…..

And remember- “Profits are always better than Wages”



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