How To Bring Prosperity Into Your Life

prosperity1Ever wonder why some people and some families seem to live life large, while others struggle just to get by? If you’re thinking that’s because some families are rich and some are not, you’re way off.

You see, prosperity, money and living life on your terms are all waiting backstage for you in your theater of life. Just waiting for you to invite them to join the cast.

When you start doing the right things, thinking the right things, and focusing on what’s important in life, this mysterious positive force will start to kick in for you.

And while this force is what some would call attraction, let me put it into terms that won’t cause your BS alarms to go off.

I’ve said in the past, that many of the ideas in The Secret hold true, including attraction. But the most important factor that makes it all happen in your life is given a non-existent role… Taking action. Doing.

And taking action does not just apply to physically doing things. Some of the most powerful ways of bringing prosperity into your life don’t involve you lifting a finger.

Instead, you’re leveraging mental thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs. Shifting from factors that keep you stuck, that stop you from being happy and actually build a wall between you and prosperity… to ways of living that open the flow of positive into your life like a firehose.

And I’m living proof of this, along with many of my business friends and colleagues.

For example, are you the type of person that forgives others’ mistakes? Or do you take it personally, and hold “a grudge” for months, even years? Not letting go of others’ mistakes, or “wrongs” they may have done to you, is like building a 500 feet tall wall between you and prosperity. Remember the “virtue” of forgive and forget? It’s a virtue for a reason.

Here’s another: Do you feel that life is always bringing negative situations and outcomes your way? That you just can’t get ahead, no matter what you do? Well have you ever though about removing the negative people and influences from your life? Because when you do, the negative situations go with them. It’s true.

And about you trying to get rich… Are you trying to make a lot of money, thinking that money will make you happy? Well you’ve got it a bit backwards. Striving to live a happy life… doing good, bringing value to your marketplace, treating others as you want to be treated… brings prosperity into your life. Not the other way around.

Also, what you experience in life doesn’t happen by chance. Your life is a product of what you think about most of the time. Think that your life sucks, and everyone is out to make your life hard, and that’s just what you’ll get. Make it a point to enjoy life every day, be grateful for all you have, and it’s likely you will live the life you want to live.

And one of my favorites, do you feel “balanced” every day? If you’re not aware of the connection of Body, Mind, Soul… you’re working a lot harder than you have to, for much less reward and enjoyment. Keeping your body fit and strong enables your mind to run at peak efficiency. And when you can connect to nature and your maker regularly, you enable everything to happen like clockwork, with a sense of calm, focus and enjoyment. Balance.

People make the idea of attaining prosperity much harder than it really is. Because a more accurate statement about prosperity is that you open yourself to it, instead of working hard to attain it.

So if you just put some time into making YOU a better you… and doing your best to make your life positive and enriching… you’ll find the path to prosperity so many are looking for, but never find.

Just some prosperity “mindset” for you to think about today.

Until next time…

Profits are better than wages,


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