How to make $178 Million for 36 Minutes of Work in Las Vegas


Las Vegas is on Fire!!! This week is Full of Hype, Self-Aggrandizement, Double and Triple parked private plans, Outrageous & Unheard of Room rates, Over Booked Restaurants, Night Clubs charging $5,000.00 per Table ( without any Alcohol) and Sales of Fight Tickets Breaking Historic records…and not to mention all the Potential Pay Per View Revenue.

This is a Marketing Lesson for the ages….and easy way to enter the conversation already going on throughout the entire country


Whether you love him or hate’em you cannot deny Floyd Mayweather is going to make a ton of money….I confess I am not a fan of Floyd da’man but I am a fan of any athlete who can earn $178 Million Dollars for entering a Boxing ring for 36 minutes…. (Or less)….I do LOVE the art of Capitalism though….

Pretty Boy Floyd, aka Money Mayweather is Brilliant from a marketing standpoint, he has crafted a character that many would love to see him get Knocked out and lose……I even heard a famous radio personality say “ I just want to be there when Floyd Mayweather Loses and I don’t care about anything else..

He is constantly promoting himself on all types of Social Media, flashing his lavish lifestyle from a multi-million dollar car collection (Floyds Car Collection) that he does not drive, to a recent private plane purchase to his 20,000 sq. ft. mansion in the ultra- affluent area of Las Vegas. Along with his other Homes and car collections in Miami and Los Angeles… Not to mention he even posts pictures of himself at Bank of America withdrawing $2,000,000.00 In Cash! (Bank Withdrawel)

The often Controversial, Loved and Hated, Justin Bieber will carry Mayweather’s Belts into the ring and probably get some pricy boxing lessons as well after the fight, Now I wonder are they really good friends or is this really good marketing on both of their parts…..Who Knows…All I know is that it works and Floyds plan is profitable…..

Mayweather retired in 2007 came back in 2009, fired his Father as his trainer and manager and then rehired him in 2013…

He has not fought outside of Las Vegas since 2005, Why? Would his fights be as popular in New York? Dubai? China? or Dallas? …Sorry Jerry Jones I seriously doubt it….Everybody wants to come to Las Vegas, Mayweather is not just planning and promoting his fights he is increasing his bank account exponentially through self-promotion and clear calculation….All while he uses Las Vegas’ Allure and Amenities to do so.

Methodically and brilliantly he is planning his life after boxing whether that is Promoting Boxing through his very own Promotions Company or simply living off of his investments and past earnings (Life After Boxing)

Examining his past behaviors indicates clearly that he enters the conversations that are already going on throughout the country, i.e. when Johnny Manziel was the quarterback craze at Texas A&M, Floyd made a first half bet of $220,000.00 to win $200,000.00. Now at the time Johnny Football was any and everywhere and Floyd joined that conversation with a fairly large bet. Bam!!! You Go Floyd!!!

My Father was a Huge Fan of Boxing and his favorite boxer of all time was Muhammed Ali who was also a master of self-promotion. I actually read that Ali got a ton of his ideas from the famous wrestler Gorgeous George.

You may have heard Ali say “I am the Greatest, I said that even before I knew I was” or “Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee.”

There is a big Difference between Self-Adulation and Self-Promotion; Floyd Mayweather is a little bit of both in my opinion.

These tactics and strategies are used by many great marketers; Dan Kennedy who is one of my favorite marketers and copywriters is a Rock star when it comes to self-promotion.

He, just like Mayweather talks about his car collection, even though his collection is not as sexy as Floyd’s, he boasts that he owns Dean Martins famous Rolls Royce, he posts it in pictures and he uses it in the majority of his marketing pieces. Whether it’s for one of his live events or in his monthly newsletter.

But what he does know is that his audience and demographic will relate to the history of the car and Dean Martin….. And once again linking to Las Vegas.

It’s safe to say that they are both calculated in their respective approaches, the main difference is their audiences, Dan Kennedy markets to entrepreneurs and small business owners like you and me, while the money man Floyd has a huge reach with sports fans.

I am guilty of riding on both of their coat tails at this present moment, first I am writing all about Floyd and adding my two cents as to all the excitement here in Las Vegas, and I am name dropping Dan Kennedy who is a Brilliant Marketer who clearly profits using everything from social media to direct mail (Snail Mail) all the while he doesn’t have a cell phone, he doesn’t have an email account, his main method of business contact is by fax and who like Mayweather only flies via private jet.

It’s not even believable in this day and age that someone can make millions and not have a cell phone or email account and still use a fax machine. Hmmm…Maybe he is managing he time effectively without distractions??

Ironically and maybe boring to most Dan Kennedy lives in Cleveland Ohio, in a very modest home, has zero formal education but also makes millions of dollars through self-promotion, Like Mayweather; Kennedy is a marketing lesson all within Himself.

I would highly suggest you read any of his books and subscribe to his newsletter to experience his work and style first hand (Dan Kennedy)

How can we promote ourselves like Money Mayweather? In my opinion, the best way is to not be boring!!!

Nobody wants boring or the same ol’ tired marketing stuff, Floyd is anything but boring, he is Omni-present long before his fights and long after his fights.

My view and take (Like Floyd’s) is use a multi-channel media approach, like a mix of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn and YES DIRECT MAIL. They are all part of the bigger plan to be used in tandem, however, I Strongly AGREE with my Floyd Like Mentor- Dan Kennedy that YOU must have a published book whether you self-publish or get published by a traditional publisher- you must have a book.

I couldn’t read in the second grade, we moved to Las Vegas in the early 1980’s from Brooklyn New York and the difference between the educational curriculum of Brooklyn and Las Vegas was night and day. I was embarrassed that I could barely read.

I was unable to keep up with my peers academically, so embarrassed that I ran away from the elementary school and hid in my Uncle’s Boat.

Thank Goodness I had a supportive second grade teacher Mrs. Colton, who advised both of my parents to enroll me in a program called R.I.P ( not rest in peace..LOL) but Reading Improvement Program where I would leave my regular class for 20 minutes per day and work with a reading specialist.

The reason I mention this is, I have worked the majority of my adult life as a Waiter here in Las Vegas in a World Famous restaurant. The place was anything but Boring, Anybody who was somebody wanted to be there from Politicians, Actors, Athletes, Rock Stars, Wanna BE’s you name it….

They all came for the vibe, the energy and the way they were treated especially on fight night when Floyd Mayweather fights.

One of the many lessons I learned working as a waiter for a world class restaurant and for a Industry Leading Gaming Company is: ABM- ALWAYS BE MARKETING

We can all learn something from the Floyd Mayweather’s of the World and apply it directly to our businesses, it does not matter if you’re a baker, banker, waiter or candlestick maker good marketing trumps everything else.

Until Next Time,


P.S. And Be sure to check out my upcoming Mother’s Day Podcast- I have the privilege of Interviewing my beautiful Mother Who is who is going to share her definition of a New Yawka’s Fuggedaboutit & Fugazy…. She’s an Old School Marketer Too…LOL!!!!

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