Are You MSOI’ing Along or Following the Herd?

You may be asking yourself what does Martin mean by MSOI’ing along? Well, I ask myself that same exact question every single day of my life….

And I will get to the IMPORTANCE and MEANING of MSOI in just a moment.

MSOI, in my opinion is the greatest acronym of all time. It’s both simple, powerful and Thought Provoking…

Multiple Streams of Income

    The majority of us have all of our income from one source and that source is our employer ( Which is  DANG-ER-OUS).

Meaning that at any given time our Employer may decide to reduce our hours, wages, benefit packages or just totally eliminate “Us” and  our jobs ( I Have been through it Twice)!

I would Bet that both You and I have experienced many of the same Fears and Frustrations of being Laid Off or at some point in our lives had our incomes affected by someone other than us…..Right?

Not to mention having to deal with a Boss and Co-Workers you may not care for….and who you could run circles around!

In addition, That constant sense of worry and Insecurity…Not Knowing Nor Having that sense of control over our lives… Especially, Our Financial Lives….

From our early days we are taught go to school so we can get a decent paying job when we graduate, by people who are NOT Entrepreneurs like “US”…

Following The Herd?

Following The Herd?

Now, I am certainly not against working hard or paying my Dues, But I am all for creating a lot more than exchanging Hours For Dollars and being tied to my employer forever.

The Idea of having Multiple Streams of Income is exciting and liberating. Like Creating Your Own Profitable  Blog or Podcast that earns you Money each and every month. A real business that you own and control all while you utilize your current job, like a real Game Plan. Creating Your Own Blog and Podcast is a lot easier than you may think..With The Right Coaching and Assistance.You dont have to be Tech Savvy or even have programming skills. The only thing you need is the desire for more……And if you have that my friend you are well on you way….

Now, if your anything like me…You have the “Burning Desire For A Whole Bunch More”…..

I confess, I am one of the least technical people earning a living… On-Line Today!

Just Imagine, in addition to your regular job or current source of income you had two, three, four or even 5 other sources of income that came in passively every single month without fail, how would that make you feel?

Having more time for “You”, doing what you enjoy, spending more time with friends and family vs The Alternative. Not having to constantly punch the clock or worry if the bills will be paid this month or even better spending the majority of your time focusing on your investments and your future watching them grow month after month and year after year!

One of the Greatest Investors of all time Warren Buffett often says:

“Create a second source of income for yourself so that you won’t be totally dependent on your job”

We are just scratching the surface here, building Multiple Streams of Income is more than just working hard, its all about working smart and leveraging our time…

Right Now is a very special time for us as “Entrepreneurs”, We have the power to create Any and Everyting that we want in our lives. And by creating Multiple Streams Of Income for Ourselves we open all the doors of Opportunity…

Stay Tuned…..I am Beyond Excited to share with you,  How To Start Your Very Own Blog and Your Very Own Podcast…..

Until Next Time…..

Profits Are Better Than Wages….



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