“Reap What You Sow” Still Works

"Reap What You Sow" Still Works -- www.waiternomics.com

What do you think about old sayings? Do you pay any attention to them?

Well if you’ve been following my “Napoleon Hill Mondays” on Facebook, you’ve noticed very powerful words of wisdom from a man who wrote his most famous book in 1937.

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Here’s another old saying that’s important for you to remember, and practice every day…

“You Reap What You Sow”

Sure, it’s a metaphor related to farmers planting for a big harvest. But this powerful idea goes way past that.

It’s all about putting forth the effort to get something you want. Implying that even though you may have to “sow” for a length of time, you will receive benefit from your actions.

And even though this is a very old saying, it still works in 2013. Which goes against another very old saying you should NOT pay attention to, that I never liked…

“Good Things Come To Those Who Wait”

Because if you know there’s more to life than going to the job you work at every day… and you like the idea of starting a home business “on the side”… so you can eventually Escape the Employee Trap and create the life you want to live…

Waiting is not going to get you anything, but more frustration, more debt, and maybe an anxiety problem :)

You see, there’s a reason successful people and high achievers are referred to as “go-getters.” Because they know what they want, and go out and get it!

Which is exactly how “reap what you sow” works. Once you know what you want out of life, you don’t just sit there and wait for it to come you. You go out and start doing what you have to do to get it.

It’s really a shame that as some people grew up, there were always well-meaning relatives who insisted on sharing their “wisdom” with them. And when they did, that wisdom often affected the receivers in a negative way, for the rest of their lives.

A famous saying that has done a lot of damage to people as they matured and became adults is… “Money is the root of all evil.” Just as bad as “Good things come to those who wait.”

These kind of thoughts can get into a person, and they carry them around for the rest of their lives. Never stopping to think if they are actually true or not. They just take it as a given, and live their lives accordingly.

This is where the problem of “false beliefs” starts. And no matter where they came from, false beliefs can and do have a lifelong effect on people. Like a straight-jacket on their natural desire to achieve and live life to its fullest.

My intent with today’s blog post is to make you aware of old sayings that can do you much harm.

And to remind you that there are old sayings that are the real deal. Just like the words from Napoleon Hill, in his great book “Think and Grow Rich.”

Just like the powerful phrase you must never forget… “You Reap What You Sow.”

I hope you’re already involved with the “sowing” part. That way you’ll be sure to reap a bountiful harvest that pays you back for all your efforts.

And the best way I know of to start your sowing, is by reading my special report… “The Employee Trap Escape Plan” available for free on this page.

Or by picking up my book on Amazon… “Waiternomics: How I Want From Waiter to Millionaire Entrepreneur… and How You Can Too!” by Martin J. Fischer.

Until next time…

Profits are better than wages,


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