The Lottery Is Killing Your Chances of Success

When you see the advertisements on TV, billboards and almost everywhere else… that the Lottery or the “Power Ball” is up to a grand prize of 500 Gazillion Dollars…

Do you get excited? Do you run out and buy tickets?

Well today I’m going to challenge your thoughts on the Lottery. And hopefully change the way you look at it from this day forward.

With the intent of making you more “magnetic” to opportunities, wealth, and the good life. Instead of repelling these things automatically without even trying.

What we’re talking about here is the idea of “something for nothing.”

With the big promises of the Lottery in any state,
and especially the multi-state Power Ball, millions of people every week feel compelled to buy their ticket. And for a lot of people, it’s many tickets.

All with the dream of hitting it big. Of being set for life. Of finally living life on their terms.

Well here’s the statistical reality of the lottery. Most big lottery winners are dead broke, or deep in debt, just 3 years after becoming winners.

Can you say “Easy come, easy go?”

But this is only part of the story. Because just giving in to the “something for nothing” mentality takes you to a very bad place in life.

People who have this mentality never seem to be good with managing their money. Because most were never taught the value of money. They just think it’s something they should get, no matter what their situation.

In extreme situations, like social programs designed to lend a helping hand to the needy and unfortunate… where there are millions of people just kicking back and taking advantage of the system… the “money for nothing” mentality becomes a much bigger problem.

The Sense of Entitlement

Many people in the US have grown to expect handouts. And have adopted an Entitlement mindset. Where they believe someone “owes” this money to them. That it’s their right as an American to get money without doing anything to earn that money.

Entitlement is an extreme problem created by the thought of getting “something for nothing.” But it’s the same thought that drives the craze to buy Lottery tickets. And not only to buy them once, but week after week after week.

So why am I going on a rant about entitlement and the Lottery today? Because if you participate in these activities, the Lottery is killing your chances of success.

The Lottery is killing your chances of Escaping the Employee Trap, and creating the life you want to live.

You see, most likely, you will never win the Lottery, even if you play it every day for the rest of your life.

But just by putting your mindset in that direction, putting forth zero effort (besides buying tickets) to get something for nothing, will kill any ambition, actions and big goals you have.

Once you get in the “something for nothing” mindset, you lose your drive. You lose that energy inside you that has been telling you “I want more, and I’m going to go out and get it!”

The reality is, you cannot exist in the world of Waiternomics, setting goals and taking action to Escape the Employee Trap, by building a home business “on the side” while you still have the security and income of your J-O-B…

Then when you build your business to the point where you make more than you do at your JOB, quitting the “work for a paycheck” world, and quitting your JOB once and for all.
To spend your time and effort creating the life you want to live. And living life on your terms, for good.

I haven’t bought a Lottery ticket in many years. And I won’t buy one ever again. Because I know putting my head in that “something for nothing” place will move me backwards, instead of forward. It will reverse the energy that I have, from being a money attractor, to being a money repeller.

And the same will happen to you, if you’re not careful.

So I’m here talking to you today for one reason.

To help you not fall into the “something for nothing” trap.

If you think you’re already in it, it’s time for you to be strong, and just say NO to the Lottery. And anything that even resembles entitlement or “something for nothing.”

And stick to your Waiternomics guns. Knowing that whatever you really want out of life, you can certainly go out and get it. No matter what your situation is now, you can make your life better. You can Escape the Employee Trap, just like I did, after 30 years in the restaurant business.

You can design and create the life you want to live.

And start living life on your terms.

So be strong!

And give today’s blog post some serious thought.

As always, you’re welcome to post your comments below.

Until next time…

Profits are better than wages,


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