The Problem With Working For Someone Else

Working for someone else just does not support your goals in life. Working at your “job” supports the goals and interests of the business owner. And the owner’s best interest is not in your best interest. If you want to live life on your own terms. And have the personal freedom to work when you want, and not work when you don’t.

The fact is, every hour of every day that you work for someone else, you are helping them make more sales and bank more profits. Sure, you’re making a paycheck. But what you’re really doing is just killing time. Time you could be using to create your Ideal Life.

Instead, people who work as an employee are just letting life pass them by. Because there is so much more to life than going in to the same “job” every day.

The “good life” doesn’t include getting up in the morning and dreading the day ahead. The good life doesn’t include having dreams, and never getting to make them reality. The good life doesn’t include working every day… on someone else’s terms.

In the week’s ahead, we’ll dive into the mindset and the steps it takes to leave this all behind. Creating your Ideal Life, while you still have the stability and income of your current “job”. Until you’ve created your own ways, means and wealth. And finally quit your job for good.

If you’ve been thinking about how you can make your own living, and your own life… but haven’t figured it out yet… leave your comments below about how your life is now, and what your Ideal Life would look like.

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