The Surprising Truth About Work


When most people think of work… they think about the job they have now. The place they would least like to go on any given day. Or they think of manual labor, sweating in the heat or freezing in the cold, for modest pay.

In either case, most people look at work as a bad thing. Something they have to do. Otherwise, if they were rich, they wouldn’t bother working at all.

That’s the big dream. Inherit millions, or hit the Power Ball for a quarter billion. Then coast the rest of your way through life. No worries, no problems.

Because work just gets in the way.

Anyone you ask will tell you… “Work is bad!” Right? Well maybe not. You see, there’s more to work than you think. And what you’re about to discover may surprise you.

Work Is Good… Really

Working people rarely imagine having fun at work. Now I don’t mean messing around at your job, instead of working. I mean really doing your job.

The big idea behind escaping “the employee trap” is not to start a home business on the side, so you can quit your job… only to create your own over-glorified job as owner of your home business.

The big idea is, to create the life you want to live.

By starting a home business on the side, that complements your passions, your strengths, your interests and causes. Then by default, you will be in a business you like and believe in. Which enables you to like what you’re doing every day.

In this case, what you’re experiencing is Good Work. You don’t dread working on your business every day. It’s your passion. Or at least a strong interest of yours. So you actually get paid to do what you like to do. What a concept!

This aspect of work is overlooked or unnoticed by most. That you can actually enjoy working. That it is not only possible, thousands and thousands of people do it every day.

Which is why my Waiternomics concepts are so powerful. And why they work for any hard working person, no matter what kind of job or what industry they work in.

If you apply my Waiternomics Formula, you can be just as happy as you imagine you would be if you won the lottery or got a big inheritance. You would be happy for as long as you want to own a business.

And the average people who get unexpected cash windfalls? Well they are typically not happy, many ending up close to broke in a short period of time.

That’s why I’m so fired up to bring my message to people like you. People looking to better their lives, start living life on their terms, and have the income and freedom they want.

To help you out, I encourage you to request a copy of my special report “The Employee Trap Escape Plan”… if you haven’t read it, using the form on the side of this page.

If you have read my report, or my book, you’ve already got a roadmap to get yourself started in the right direction. So if you haven’t taken action yet to design and create the life you really want to live, I suggest you read it again, and get started creating your Ideal Life today.

Or you can continue working at your J-O-B job, where the “bad work” is.

Just something for you to think about, until next time…


Profits are better than wages,



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