W 001: Martin Fischer: Being Tipped $23,000 | The Story | What is Waiternomics


In this first ever Waiternomics Podcast, I share my story and the night I was tipped $23,0000, and Yes I was tipped $23,000 in one night here in Las Vegas. It was the most exciting Night of my life to say the least. But that was just the beginning….


If You Help Enough People Get What They Want You Will Ultimately Get What You Want..

I realized Now matter how much I was tipped, I was still an employee with Zero Job security! In that moment looking at a $23,000 Tip Which is still Unbelievable Today, I decided that I wanted to create a real future and have a business of my Own….Where I wasn’t exchanging Hours for Dollars!

Now, if your an Employee, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Future Business Owner or Renegade Marketer who is looking to get a leg up on the competition and who wants more out of life, Than my goal is to have Waiternomics & The Employee Trap Escape Plan serve as a Spring Board and real life “Testimonial” that If a Career Las Vegas Waiter like me can have success than so can you.

My future shows will have a structured format, and will include special guests along with my own esoteric principals that I have discovered during this journey of Entrepreneurialism.

Special information about the episode such as items mentioned during the session and action items will usually appear below, along with a transcript.

All my best….And Get Prepared To Escape….


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