W 003: Jack Canfield: Chicken Soup For The Soul Interview with Martin Fischer


Tune in to this podcast, to hear the secrets (and unexpected

events) that lead to the worldwide popularity of the

“Chicken Soup for the Soul” book series, from co-creator

Jack Canfield. Which has sold more than 112 Million copies

in the US and Canada alone, with over 200 titles, translated

into more than 40 languages.


If You Help Enough People Get What They Want You Will Ultimately Get What You Want..

Jack has been an inspiration to me, as I published my very first

book… “Waiternomics: The Ultimate Guide To Escaping the Employee Trap.

Taking all of Jack’s advice and teachings to heart, I decided to self publish.

My book Hit #1 in its category on Amazon. I was Humbled and Blown Away! I owe a ton of Gratitude to Jack.

Not very many people know that I could not read in the second grade, the school along with my Parents

enrolled me in a Special Education Program called R.I.P. ( Reading Improvement Program), in order to get me up to

the proficiency level. So, I feel a special connection to Jack’s triumph and overcoming the rejection and fear.

Anyone who wants more out of life should pay close attention to

every word Jack says during the Interview, and take lots of

notes. Because a published book can be your launching pad to

a new and exciting career in any field you wish.


Which can enable you to Escape the Employee Trap, become

your own boss, and design and create the life you want to



Here’s What We Talk About in This Episode:

How It felt to be rejected 144 times by Publishers

When the world says “NO” You say “YES”

Why By Pass A Literary Agent

There Definitely is Devine Intervention ( The St. Patricks Cathedral Story)

Like Nike “Just Do It”…Go For It…And Don’t Look Back

Quitting was not an Option neither was Self-Publishing

The Publisher who also went to St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City

How Serendipity Worked in Their Favor

How To Strategically Get In Front of the Influencers

Constructive Criticism and Generosity

The Best Investment of a Lifetime



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