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Tom Beal

What better way to discuss about internet marketing than by getting insights from the internet marketing guru himself, Mr. Tom Beal.

Born to teenage parents and raised around four divorces, and six marriages, Tom went to nine different schools by the eighth grade. Among his many accolades, Tom has been a national bicycle champion and number one honor graduate in the Marine Corp’s boot camp at Paris Island. He got three meritorious promotions in four years and ranked number one in sales in five different organizations.

Tom was also the publisher of the North Carolina Home Book and President of former football quarterback and Hall of Famer Jim Kelly’s Kelly Media. Moreover, Tom ran Mike Filsaimes company from 2006-2011 producing over $20 million in online sales. In 2011-2013, Tom served as President of Strategic Profits with Rich Schefren.

Today, Tom talks about his road to internet marketing, the 5-step mega system to achieve success in internet marketing, and what you could do to get to that next level.


Here are the highlights of my conversation with Tom:

What separates you from every single person on this planet: PEP

P – Personality

E – Experience

P – Perspective


How Tom got into internet marketing:

  • Began when he was a copier salesman selling Konica Minolta copiers
  • Rising from being a salesperson to a sales manager
  • Getting a call from a friend who needed someone to publish the  North Carolina Home Book
  • From selling copiers to publishing a book
  • Did online research and discovering the Internet Marketing Center founded by Corey Rudl which inspired him to do internet marketing


Tom’s advice for someone who’s brand new to internet marketing:

His 5-Step Success Mega-System to Achieve Success in Internet Marketing:

1. Vision

  • Comes from what you love to do, your passion
  • Count on change in this entrepreneurial journey

“You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

2. Belief

3. Identify and Align

Identify who it is that you want to emulate and produce results similar to theirs. Align yourself to with that person to the best of your ability

How to identify the mentor you want to align yourself with:

  • Have a one-on-one coaching with that person
  • Watch videos or audios and consume information.


4. Commitment to Action

  • Actions don’t have to be perfect, but they have to be taken.
  • Better to fail forward fast than never get anywhere slow.

5. Have fun!

Success as a three-pronged approach:

1. Your health

2. Your relationships

3. Your finances



How you can get to the next level: LEVERAGE


How Tom stays so sharp and connected:

  • You have to be constantly learning.
  • Time as your number one asset
  • Identify and align with the people that you feel can help you get from where you are to where you want to be
  • Maximize your most precious asset to ensure your success falls into successful health, successful relationships, and successful financial situations.


Where is internet marketing today?

  • Consumers have grown up a a lot.
  • There are many more marketing tools than just the internet.
  • Things work extremely well for a little while, then everybody uses it and now it doesn’t work as well

Other golden nuggets from Tom:

“Take your Personality, Experience, and Perspective get it out there in as much power as you possibly can and as many channels as possible, and the internet is just one channel.”

“Learn how to use these different modalities beneficially and use them to add value, not to tick off your prospects and/or your clients. It’s building relationships is really what it all boils down to.”

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Episode mentions and resources:


Jeffrey Gitomer’s book: Little Black Book of Connections

Book: The Four Agreements

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