What Gets You Excited?

Since you’re one of our Waiternomics blog readers, I bet you are already excited from the thought of you really Escaping the Employee Trap, and living the life you want to live.

People often ask me… “Sure Martin, I want to escape the employee trap and build my home business. I just don’t know what kind of business I should start.” So the first thing I ask them is…

“What Gets You Excited?”

Because the best home business for you to start and build is one that interests you. Something that gets you excited just thinking about it.

You see, when you Escape the Employee Trap, when your home business “on the side” has grown to the point where you’ve replaced the income you make at your just-over-broke JOB, and you finally quit and start living life on your own terms, you still have to work. Only now, you’re working for yourself.

So your home business that gets you from Part-Time Entrepreneur to independent, Full-Time Entrepreneur, is now your means of supporting yourself and your family, while creating wealth so you don’t have to work forever.

It only makes sense that you enjoy the work you do every day.

Even if you have a small staff, and don’t actually do the most of the work in your business, you will still be the owner. And you will still be watching over, even managing, the day to day activities at least some of the time.

Would you want a home business that you hated working at, just like you may feel now with your JOB? Or do you want a business that makes you good money, provides security for you, AND gets you excited every day?

Some of the most successful businesses in existence were started by people who had a passion for what the business provided, or for who it served. And these business owners continue to be passionate about what they do, from day 1 to day 856 and beyond.

That’s why I ask my readers about what gets them excited. And why I wrote this post for you today. Because that’s the best path to take to create an enriching and purposeful life for you.

And when you are passionate about what you do, you put forth the extra effort without even thinking about it. You look forward to each new day helping your customers or cause in the way you do.

The world needs more people who are out to help others, before themselves. When you look at business like this, you put yourself in the natural flow of abundance in the world. When you make your mission helping people in some way, the money comes easier.

And you get to live a fulfilling life of someone who is making a difference. Who genuinely cares about what they do, and the people they help. Instead of only existing to make a buck.

Hope this helps you if you’ve been trying to decide what kind of home business “on the side” to start, while you’re still working at your JOB. Or if you’re just wondering if a home business is right for you.

Leave your comments below, and share your thoughts about helping others and making a difference. While having a great time!

Until next time…

Profits are better than wages,


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