What Happens In Vegas Stays In Vegas??….NOT ALWAYS

Your Reputation

I would safely BET You have heard this famous slogan or even Watched a commercial referencing this campaign. Well, let me give you a little Vegas WAITER- insight. It Doesn’t All Stay In VEGAS!

There are so many crazy things that happen in Vegas unlike anywhere in the world. If you have listened to my first ever Waiternomics Podcast you hear me talk all about the night I was tipped $23,000…. in one night.

Yes! A Waiter was tipped $23,000 from one person and the even nuttier part of the story is the guy came back 3 nights in a row. I even took the story one step further and wrote a whole chapter in my book on this crazy Las Vegas Night…(It’s a Story for the Ages)

Maybe in the future I will write a whole Las Vegas Confessions Book, detailing all of the crazy-make your Momma Blush stories, adult stories, waiter stories and downright Debauchery….  I could go on and on……But Here’s Why….It’s NOT the best Idea to share everything…Nor is it Professional








Now don’t get me wrong. I love to tell all my Las Vegas stories. And boy do I have some stories! But there is a time and place for everything especially if your building and running your Online Business.

Las Vegas has been very Good to me in so many ways. And there have been countless people along the way in Las Vegas who have opened up many doors for me.  That, If I arbitrarily started to broadcast openly to the world, especially on the internet and with the reach of Social Media, all of the Private Information that I have been Privy too. I would kill my Reputation and my over 26 Years of Relationship Building and Trust Building Instantly. So much so that In Las Vegas it would be the equivalent of being Black Balled Instantaneously!

Now the main reason I decided to write this blog post is because our Reputation is all that we really have.. Whether your in Las Vegas working as a waiter or the mayor of a little town with a population of 3. It really doesn’t Matter….

I have watched numerous people start with Golden Opportunities both here in Las Vegas and Online that could have flourished into Empires. But these individuals instantly forgot about their Reputations and the long term Impact….

I share the $23,000 Tip Story for many reasons….because it was exciting and exhilarating to be a part of such an evening that was surreal….

But in no way shape or form would I ever divulge the name of the individual or betray the trust of the company that treated me so well and actually inspired me to create this blog…

So I would highly suggest as you build your Online Business to never forget that your reputation is all you really have and by ruining it you close future doors of opportunity….

Many years ago, when Steve Wynn opened the Wynn, I knew of a guy who was given the greatest opportunity of a lifetime to run one of Steve Wynn’s divisions.

This particular guy was given a six-figure salary, a plush office and a Ton of opportunity to make more money than he ever dreamed of…Literally all he had to do was a good job!

And bear in mind he had banker’s hours…

But to this particular persons downfall he decided that he would make side deals at the expense of Steve Wynn. So without making this a long story, Steve Wynn and Co. found out what this person was doing……So guess what Happened?

Not only did he lose his “Cake” job and a ton of money, he never worked in Las Vegas again. The word spread very quickly that he was no longer trusted and his Reputation was in the Toilet- Forever!

So Regardless if your just starting out Online or your running a Multi-Million Dollar Operation Never sacrifice your Reputation….

Advice I Give To Myself Daily

Now that My Business life and personal life has taken on its own ON-LINE Persona the stakes are much higher and “Reputation” has become even more important.

Being from Las Vegas I love to use the word “BET”, I would bet  that you know of at least one person in your direct circle or some online marketer who has a reputation of being a Shister or Spammer with a very checkered past.


We all know of them and their shenanigans, schemes and plans to gain the system and sell their Bill of goods with only self in mind. And That’s totally fine if you have a short time Horizon…and you are looking for Instant Gratification.

But if your looking to have a long career prosperous career than I would take the high road and build a first class Reputation. Because if everything was taken away and you had to start all over from scratch a great Reputation will make it a whole lot easier…

Until Next Time,


Profits are better than Wages..


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