What’s YOUR Big Goal In Life?

I was just reading a very interesting article today. About the major triggers scientists see as causes for people who get Alzheimer’s disease late in life.

And one of the biggest causes is NOT having a passion in life. Not having a purpose, a BIG goal that drives you every day. That makes you happy to get out of bed each morning.

As a Waiternomics reader, I feel this is a good time to remind you that a BIG Goal is what drives the Waiternomics “Escape the Employee Trap” Formula…

Intent + Strategy + Action = Wealth and Freedom

Which absolutely should be driven by one of your passions in life. Because…

Passion and YOUR Big Goal = An Exciting, Fulfilling Life

Just as no passion and no meaningful goals equals a plain, boring life. Which usually leads to depression, anxiety or even worse… Alzheimer’s.

So whether it’s a Big Goal related to Escaping the Employee Trap and living the life you want to live…

Or spending more quality time with your family and friends…

Or dedicating yourself to helping others, either through your home business “on the side”… or by supporting a worthy cause with your time, money or effort…

It pays to feed your passion, whatever that may be.

And when we’re talking about Escaping the Employee Trap, using the Waiternomics Formula of I + S + A = W and F…

Your Big Goal will be the driving force that gets you what you want out of life. You living life on your terms.

Now, if you’re thinking… “Well Martin, I really don’t have a passion in life”… “And I really don’t know what my Big Goal is”…

All I can say to you is… why not? There are so many things to be passionate about in life, if you just open your mind and think. You must feel strongly about some cause, some activity, or something that makes you feel good inside?

If you still come up with nothing, you really need to look at a bigger issue… which is whether you’re generally an optimistic person, or if you tend to see the negative in everything.

Because when you’re optimistic, and look forward to each new day, you can’t help but be passionate about something. Especially related to your family and children. Wanting to help steer them down the path to living a happy life.

Since you’re a Waiternomics reader, I bet you are at least fairly optimistic. Or you wouldn’t be reading about Escaping the Employee Trap, and living the life you want to live.

So what can you do today to identify what you’re really passionate about? And apply the Waiternomics Formula to create an exciting life around that passion?

All it takes is a little introspection. Looking in the mirror and remembering who you really are. And what you really love to do, what you’d really love to be.

Many people find that keeping a journal helps them with introspection, to look at their life almost from an outsider’s view.

By making frequent or even daily entries in your journal. And occasionally going back in your journal weeks, months, even years… to get a good look at the things you wanted to do. Along with the things you absolutely know you DON’T want to do (like working at that J-O-B!).

Spending just a little bit of time each day reflecting about what you really want out of life… while acknowledging the things in your life right now that you’re grateful for… will turn your mind in a direction of identifying, then focusing on your passions. And the life you really want to live.

Once you’ve figured that out, I’m here to help you take that passion and turn it into a new, better, happy life. Where you live life on your terms every day. And you’re passionate about what you’re doing, who you are helping, and how close you are to achieving your Big Goal in life.

Hope this helps you if you feel stuck in life. Or you just can’t seem to find your big purpose.

Because when you do find it, you’ll also be setting yourself up for a long, healthy life… without the bad things like Alzheimer’s and other conditions that come from not having a purpose. From not enjoying every day.

Feel free to leave your comments about today’s post below.

Until next time…

Profits are better than wages,


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