Who is Martin Fischer?

I’m a “serial entrepreneur” who escaped the Employee Trap.

MArtin Fisher Entrepreneur

In my past life, I was a “lifer” waiter, at one of top-tier restaurants on the Las Vegas strip. Doing the same thing every day. Working the same hours every day. No matter what I wanted to do that day, I was on my way back to the restaurant for another shift.

I knew this was no life to live. Because deep down, I wanted to live my life on my terms. Even though most employees (and managers) in the restaurant business feel stuck in their situation, not knowing exactly how they can escape the trap of working for someone else their whole lives… I knew there had to be a way out.

Because I knew there was no security with the “job” I had. Even though I made good money, there were rumors that the landmark hotel I worked in was considering a major shift in the way they do business. Which meant the restaurant I worked in may not even exist in the near future.

So instead of just sitting there and waiting for the worst to happen… I took control of my life… and did something to change my life for the better.

I created a new life for myself. My Ideal Life. And the strategies and steps involved in my transformation became what is now Waiternomics.

You can read my full life story here

And you’ll get all the details about how I got started down the road to personal and financial freedom, as a self-made “Millionaire next door”… including the steps I took to get there…

In my new special report… “Waiternomics”

Feel free to leave your comments below, after you read my full bio. You may find out that you’re a lot like me. And may even have the same goals and dreams I had as I lifted myself out of the Employee Trap, and started living life on my terms, every day.

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