Why So Many People Hate Going To Their Jobs

If you hate going to your job every day, you’re not alone.

Sad to say, most people are not happy about the jobs they have. Yet they keep their jobs just to pay the bills. Which is really no way to live.


Here’s a list of common reasons why people hate going to their jobs. And why many people (perhaps you too) look for a better way, in search of a better life.

See if you can relate to any of these…

1) You hate your boss… who in many cases is not happy with their job either. Sometimes they are a horrible boss, who isn’t really good at managing and dealing with people. Go figure, a manager who is not good with people. This kind of situation can make you go from liking a job, to dreading going in every day.

2) You don’t feel like you’re treated with respect from your boss and other employees… Not being treated right is not a way to spend your day every day. And you absolutely don’t have to put up with it. There is more to life.

3) Employers don’t show loyalty to long-time employees… In many workplaces, the fact is that anyone could lose their job in a moment’s notice, no matter how long you’ve worked there, or how hard you work. Job security just does not exist anymore, for employees who work at a job.

4) Your job doesn’t fit YOU… It doesn’t fit who you are as a person, regardless of the skills or experience you have. This comes from working at a job that you’re good at, instead of doing what you love to do. When you’re doing what you love to do, the work involved doesn’t really seem like work at all.

5) Trying to make other people happy… Instead of focusing on making YOU happy. Even though your job pays the bills, you know it’s not your calling in life. It doesn’t fit your passions and values. So why not do something that fits who you are, and is in line with the life you really want to live?

6) Too much time spent at work… You spend more time at your job, than with your family and friends. If you know my background, you know I come from a long career in the restaurant business in Las Vegas. There was a time when I was guilty of spending more time at my job, than with my family. Fortunately, those days are behind me :)

7) Your employer makes promises they don’t keep… This is a classic scenario, where your employer will tell you anything for you to take the job. And keep telling you what you want to hear, so you’ll stay. So they don’t have to go through the hassle and expense of hiring someone else. Don’t believe their lies!

8) Your employer expects you to do more work for the same pay, or even less pay… Since the crash in 2008, employers got used to working with a smaller staff. And asking their employees to do more than before. Without a raise. In some cases, with a decrease in pay. If you’ve experienced this, can’t you see how just being an employee is leaving yourself open to being abused and misused? It’s a crime.

9) Doing work that’s not part of your job description… These are all of the things you may not like doing, but feel like you have no choice, if you want to keep that job. This often includes what we just talked about regarding doing more work.

Look. When you started your job, you probably never really wanted it. You just accepted it because you needed the money, to support yourself and your family. Now that you’ve spent many years doing your job or a similar job, I bet you’re sure there has to be more to life than working at your job every day. The grass MUST be greener on the other side!

Well guess what? It is! When you are living life on your terms, and being your own boss, instead of working on someone else’s terms your whole life. And once you make the move to Escape the Employee Trap, you’ll wish you had done it years ago.

If you feel unfulfilled doing what you do at our job now, it may just be because you know deep down inside that you should be working for yourself, on your terms. Not working for someone else.

You want stress out of your life. You want to enjoy what you do, and have a personal life too. And you want to feel proud of what you do. And you want the personal freedom and prosperity you see others enjoying.

Well the bottom line is… you can have the freedom and prosperity you want. You can enjoy what you do every day. And you can start living life on your terms. All it takes is making the first move. Then the next, then the next.

Instead of settling for the life and job you have now.

And remember, with the Waiternomics way, you can make the move while you still have your job. So you’re not risking the income you have coming in now.

Then after you’ve built your home business “on the side”… and have replaced the income you make at your job now, you’re free to leave the “go to a job” world for good. And be your own boss… building your own business… living every day on your terms.

Life is all about decisions. Make yours count.

Until next time…

Profits are better than wages,



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