YOU Achieving Great Things In Life

YOU can do anything you put your mind to as long as you play the "mental game" correctly!

Have you ever wondered why so many people don’t seem to be very happy with their lives? And why some people are really happy?

Well, it’s really a mental thing.

Which makes achieving great things difficult for many. Not because doing a certain activity is difficult, but because they find it difficult to muster up the mental energy to make it happen.

The fact is, achieving great things is way more difficult from a mental aspect, than from the physical “doing.”

Those who struggle, are not happy, and generally don’t go very far in life are often affected by Self-Imposed Limitations.

Simply, they think they can’t do something. Which is not based on any fact that physically prevents them from doing a certain thing.

They Doubt Their Own Abilities, which is really selling themselves short, usually without even trying. It’s a shame, really, since many people like this could probably do very well at something, if they just believed in themselves.

Then there are others who are Very Comfortable Where They Are. Also referred to as stuck in their “comfort zone.” Which for many is a very difficult place to leave. Even if life in their comfort zone is not very good. All due to the most scariest word for millions of people… CHANGE. Even if it’s change for the better.

Then there are people who suffer from Lack of Focus and Commitment. They want to do something great, they want to Escape the Employee Trap and create the life they want to live. But they can’t stay focused long enough to get much done. And their commitment tends to weaken over time. Leading to half-done dreams and thoughts of just giving up.

And other people have trouble with only Occasional Lack of Focus and Commitment.

This is a strange situation, but really illustrates how well meaning, skilled people can get way off track, seemingly for no good reason. And why everything is really a “mental game.”

Take professional sports. All players are at least very good, if not great. And they have well-honed skills they have practiced for half a lifetime to possess.

Then you see a great golfer choke at the end of a huge tournament, or even many tournaments (remember Greg Norman?). Or a championship basketball team with superstar players, like the Miami Heat or Oklahoma City Thunder, who lose a game in shame, by 30 points or more.

You see, everything in life is a “mental game.” Which is why you see some people who are just hating life… while others are enjoying every day.

The life-haters are not necessarily bad people, uneducated or unskilled. And the people enjoying life are not necessarily educated and highly-skilled.

It’s just how each of them plays the “mental game.”

Some people struggle for years, until they discover this secret that’s hidden from most. Then they find everything they do much easier than before. And they get much better results than before.

The same goes when you’re stuck in the Employee Trap at a just-over-broke JOB. And find it monumentally difficult to move on, and create a better life for yourself.

If you can just get the “mental game” down, and start looking at life in a different way, things can seem almost effortless when you do.

You begin enjoying every day. And even though you’re trying to build your home business “on the side” while you’re still employed at your JOB… and sometimes things may not go like you planned or expected… you still see the value in the experience and are glad for that.

It’s all about approaching learning, and developing new skills, and expanding your horizons… with a positive mental outlook. Thinking you CAN, before you think you can’t.

And when you do, slowly but surely, you will begin to see great things happen in YOUR life. When your focused, positive mental approach enables you to move to a place in your life you may have never thought you could be.

I’m here to tell you that you CAN do anything you put your mind to. As long as you play the “mental game” correctly. Which means playing to win. Not just going through the motions, and complaining when something doesn’t go your way.

Hope this blog post gets you thinking. And steers you in a direction of positive, creative, productive mental energy and focus. So you can really start living life on your terms.

Until next time…

Profits are better than wages,


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