Your Mental Stop Sign

Do you know the biggest problem holding back deserving people from Escaping the Employee Trap, and living the lives they want to live?

It’s not intelligence or education. It’s not time, or money,  or resources. It’s not even ADD.

It’s your “mental stop sign.” That makes people doubt their abilities, question EVERY move they make, and get paralyzed in the face of important decisions.

So what really is this “mental stop sign?”

One of the scariest four-letter words in the English language…


I’m not talking about the fear you get if you’re driving your jeep around the African Serengeti, break down, and find yourself surrounded by hungry lions.

This fear is much more subtle. But carries the same punch as if you were looking at a lion standing right in front of you.

Fear is responsible for squashing the dreams of many people just like you. Who want a better life badly, but just can’t seem to muster up the “courage” to make it happen.

When in reality, “The only thing to fear is… fear itself.”

As boldly stated by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in his inauguration speech in 1933.

So for people letting fear stop them in their tracks, whether it’s “fear of the unknown,” fear of failure, or even fear of success (yes, that’s a BIGGIE)… what is “The Cure for Fear?”

The Waiternomics Formula…

Intent + Strategy + Action = Wealth and Freedom

You see, having clear intent makes you excited and confident about what you set out to do in life. To make your life better than it is now, for you and your family.

Having a solid strategy makes you sure of your actions, so aren’t always doubting your abilities, and questioning your every move.

And the #1 cure for fear is ACTION.

With a clear intent and strategy, plus taking purposeful action, you have the ultimate Fear Killer.

Which is why my Waiternomics Formula is so powerful. It’s been proven to work time and time again, over hundreds, if not thousands of years.

And you can harness this power for getting what YOU want out of life, with the simple act of USING it.

After you read my special report “The Employee Trap

Escape Plan”… did you embrace my Waiternomics Formula and  begin getting clear on your intent, your strategy, and your plan of action?

Or did you read that part of my report and think… “That’s nice. Maybe I’ll use that some day.”

Well I’ve got news for you, the Waiternomics Formula is not a magic pill. It does NOT work all by itself. It requires effort and action on your part. And that means now, not “some day.”

Because as you may have heard, “some day” and “tomorrow” never come. There’s only today. And what you make of today, every day.

That’s why the motto of the US Marine Corps is “Carpe Diem”… Seize the day.

Are you seizing the day, every day? Or letting your “mental stop sign” slow you down to a crawl?

Just something to think about, as you’re considering how to design and create the life you want to live.

I’ll have another update for you soon.

Until then…

Profits are better than wages,


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